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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

European Research and Project Office GmbH

Founded in the year 2000, Eurice - European Research and Project Office GmbH – is a leading European consultancy firm offering knowledge-intensive business services mainly related to R&I Project Design/Management, Collaborative Innovation Management and Communication & Training. Eurice provides comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of large international innovation collaborative projects – with a strong involvement in EU Framework programmes such as Horizon 2020 (54 participations) and Horizon Europe (32 participations until now).

Eurice is among Europe‘s largest R&I project management offices, with a dedicated team of more than 70 staff members across three locations in Germany and Croatia. In addition to classical project management, Eurice helps to develop and implement coherent IP strategies and supports consortia through communication, dissemination, networking, training, as well as capacity building and sustainability planning activities.

Moreover, Eurice is the co-ordinator of two European-wide IP-flagship initiatives: the European IP Helpdesk and Horizon IP Scan. As a major training provider in the field of IP management, Eurice welcomed over 20,000 participants in its training courses in 2021/22.

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Gabrijela Radic

Project Manager