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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

Work Packages

The project activities are managed in so-called work packages. REALM is set up around seven such work packages. Different partners, academic and industrial, take the lead on achieving different tasks within a particular work package while ensuring close collaboration with other institutions and across the different work packages.

Explore our Work Packages in detail by clicking the respective WP!

WP1 Project Management & Scientific CoordinationWP2Ethical, Legal & Societal FrameworkWP3REALM Architecture & Regulatory Toolbox MethodologyWP4Real-World Data & Synthetic Data RespositoryWP5Platform Integration, Real World Testing & MonitoringWP6Pilot Implementation, Demonstration, Validation & CertificationWP7Innovation Management: Communication, Dissemination, Networking, Training, Exploitation & Sustainability