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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

Metamind Innovations

Established in May 2021, MetaMind Innovations is the first spin-off of the University of Western Macedonia. Co-founded by Prof. Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Director of ITHACA Lab, together with PhD students and academic colleagues, MetaMind Innovations leverages its deep tech expertise in Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Smart Applications to deliver smart and custom solutions for critical infrastructure and Internet of Things ecosystems. MetaMind Innovations works for industries, public authorities, hospitals, energy production, transmission, and distribution stakeholders, food and animal producers, farmers, and individuals who need state-of-the-art Next Generation Internet of Things solutions.

Role within REALM

MINDS has an active role in the REALM project, contributing to many of the project’s work packages and tasks. MINDS offers its technical expertise and experience in the project and is leading the definition and establishment of the Federated REALM Architecture, while it also leads the design and development of the platform’s Explainable AI, Data Quality and Data identification and synthesis modalities. Furthermore, MINDS will contribute its expertise on the overall Artificial Intelligence perspective of the REALM project but also assist with the project communication and dissemination based on its outreach on both a national and international level.

Main contacts

Photo of Ilias Siniosoglou
Ilias Siniosoglou


Photo of Georgios Efstathopoulos
Georgios Efstathopoulos

Senior Researcher

Photo of Christos Chaschatzis
Christos Chaschatzis


Photo of Stathis Mavridopoulos
Stathis Mavridopoulos

Senior Developer

Photo of Giannis Makris
Giannis Makris